Overhead Costs

MNP conducted a report on the overhead costs for Radiology practice in Alberta. Data was collected from individual Radiologists, and from the books of multiple large physician groups pertaining to their 2017 year end.

The report demonstrates an estimated overhead ratio for individual Radiologists at 69.7% -73.7%.  These numbers refer to the proportion of fees paid for diagnostic imaging that has to be spent on the overhead costs for performing those services.  Ie, for every dollar in fees 70 cents goes to costs and only 30 cents to the doctors.

The survey respondents represent an unparalleled sample size, giving the clearest picture available of the actual cost of overhead paid by Alberta Radiologists.

A total of 301 responses were received from individual Radiologists, and a total of nine Group Financial Templates representing 336 Radiologists were received from participant physician groups.   There were 397 Radiologists identified in Alberta by the AMA in 2017.

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